About Me

I am a part-time photographer that has a passion for nature and beauty.

The Lonely Road | Preview or Purchase

For the past 6 years, my primary focus has been my Lonely Roads project, where I focus on the beauty of the female body in nature. You can follow The Lonely Road’s evolution on my blog page…and I will be wrapping up this project soon in hopes of starting a slightly different endeavor! But, OMG….I hope you will read some of my Lonely Road blog and understand my joys and challenges in learning to photograph bodies in motion! You’ll also hopefully see how I’ve progressed in learning the proper use of color and contrast in my work, get a kick out of my attempts at humor, and share in my Nirvana moment: how great it is to shop at Goodwill for props and outfits!!

FYI, you can purchase both the eBook version of Lonely Roads as well as the hardcover! Just click on the relevant images on this page…

Otherwise, checkout the other tabs and shoot me an email if you’re interested in discussing more of this with me…or partaking!


The Lonely Road is also available for download!

Email: guernsey65@msn.com
Facebook: Mike Guernsey