#168, (This) Man’s Best friend

OK…I’m sure most of you presume I’m referring to a dog. And, for a lot of folks out there, a four-legged companion often fits that “best friend” description. But, not for me.


My companion, partner and best of friends is this four-wheeled fella:

1 This Man's Best friend sm

The Pathfinder!

Now, I don’t mean to confuse you with Natty Bumppo and any of James Fennimore Cooper’s various novels or characters. But, like the rifle in Cooper’s novels, this Pathfinder is quite proven, completely loyal, and as reliable as they get.

Might you ask “why”??

Well, as I alluded to above…..it’s always been there for me! It also never backs down from a challenge. And, similar to Cooper’s “The Last of the Mohicans”…..this vehicle may be the only remaining ’99 Special Edition Nissan Pathfinder still burning up the pavement here in AZ. Heck, this stalwart has just celebrated a major mileage milestone and was appropriately rewarded with some bling:

2 old timer got some bling

Doesn’t he look good in his Sunday finest?

My ’99 Pathfinder has traveled with me through thick….

31 it was a smokin deal when I bought it... IMG_9119

….and through thin.

Look at the open tailgate in the above photograph. Though you don’t get much of a view into the truck’s backend, you may be curious about the cargo capacity of this rig?

3 Why Pathfinder...the backend is amazing

That is quite the load, huh? This shot clearly shows what an amazing backend the Pathfinder has….and, one that’s definitely built to take a beating and handle a whole lot of crap:

4z It really can carry a lot of crap IMG_1785


Are you wondering what some of the other unique features on the ’99 Nissan Pathfinder are……that have made it such an ideal companion for my photo project? Well, lots of trucks offer superior ground-clearance and four-wheel drive capabilities…..and might also handle the rustic roads I’ve traveled. And, even some standard automobiles feature some of the luxuries my models have come to appreciate with my ride. But, nothing can compare with this amazing list of “extras” that differentiates my Pathfinder from everything else out there on the road:

6z small But, much more to the Pathfinder than it's backside.  It features a makeup room....Kyianna 102

The built-in makeup room. Wow, the gals love this when they partake in photo shoots with me and get to experience the Pathfinder. Hey, try to find that feature on a BMW or Tesla.

How ’bout a built-in towel warmer and rooftop drink holder? You don’t find a lot of vehicles on the road today that offer either of those items. The ’99 Pathfinder comes standard with both:

7z small is stocked with towels, kleenex and can even serve as a drink holder IMG_2490

Pretty sweet, huh?

Well….I’m just getting started talkin’ about the uniqueness of my big, white buddy……and there is a whole lot more to come.

Here’s another feature:

Do you know that the ’99 model comes with it’s own “lost and found” department? I know that sounds crazy….but, like LA Fitness or a major shopping Mall…..Nissan doesn’t want you losing things. And, it sucks to waste time searching for missing items that fall between the seats and get caught in the cracks:

12z small and even has a lost and found dept included with the sticker price IMG_3321

Hey, a pair of missing panties! Nice work, L&F Dept..

Also, if you’re constantly hungry…. like a lot of the famished models who work their asses off with me….the Pathfinder even has a cafeteria included in it’s standard features:

9z small includes a lunchroom IMG_1432

Yep. Gourmet meals at your beckon call with the ’99 Special Edition Nissan Pathfinder. No more snackin’ on crappy fast food or convenience store garbage!

What else? Hmmm….well, if you’re doing a photo shoot out near a busy highway, like Interstate 40 up near Winslow, AZ,  what happens if your model isn’t wearing a whole lot and might be visible to passersby?

Is the Pathfinder capable of offering privacy protection to a vulnerable lady in such circumstances??

8z small it provides a natural barrier against highway traffic

Hell yeah! The Pathfinder features windows that operate like two-way mirrors. The searching eyes of truckers may try to get a glimpse of what’s happening back here….but the model is completely hidden from site due to Nissan’s engineering majesty.

Trust me.

But, don’t forget that you should always place the Pathfinder BETWEEN THE MODEL AND FOLKS SPYING ON YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY…… if you intend to have the two-way mirrors actually provide any protection:

10z SMALL is completely voyeur-friendly IMG_6941

It takes a pretty enterprising person to outsmart the Lonely Road photographer.

Well, another special feature on my metallic best friend is the external, anterior rumble seat:

11z small offers optional external seating  for any models skeptical of my plans.....Imported Photos 00028

It’s not necessarily the most comfortable choice for your rear end, but, it’s a great place to get increased visibility. My model apprears a bit skeptical of the value of the rumble seat….. but, it truly does offer amazing views..

Did you also know that the ’99 Pathfinder has a built-in reverse osmosis system that automatically fills up your water bottle with fresh and tasty H2O? Anytime, anywhere??

15z small Features a reverse osmosis water filtre system that is the first of it's kind in the industry IMG_8340

The Mercedes C Class sure as shit doesn’t have that in it’s repertoire, people!

And, you know what else some of those pricey European car companies can’t offer? How about the glove compartment that comes packed with a plethora of SPF skin crème to protect your fair features from the intensity of the sun:

14z small 5x3 Now lets talk upgrades. This special edition model included the SPF bin rathre than a glove compartment...for proper skin care .IMG_4498

Sure, they all have glove compartments. But, only Nissan…..and the ’99 Pathfinder, come stocked with the goods! Just a little “extra” that I’ve come to expect with this amazing vehicle and friend.

I really don’t think I ever could have found a vehicle more reflective of my style and personality……

13z small I think it truly reflects my own personality....

…. nor as “spot on” for the features that benefit me and my hobby so much!

OK….there are several other things that my best friend comes standard with that also should be mentioned. But, rather than talk too in–depth on these……why don’t I just list them in the order that they come to mind:

Extra seat-belt:

16 zseat belt

Yeah, sorry. An extra “seat belt” in the vehicle……not an extra “belt”…which surely would have come in handy for this cheeky lass who’s pants had slipped a bit low. That extra “seat belt” isn’t very handy unless you’ve got a bunch of passengers inside, seated, clamoring for a safety harness. So, I apologize for not being able to offer a remedy in the above circumstance.

Driver’s slippers:
Some Euro cars come standard with those cheesy “drivers gloves” ….to give them superior grip on their steering wheel. Well, Nissan instead provided a pair of driving slippers, in matching colors, to anyone who purchased their ’99 Special Edition:

17 z slippers

Sooo comfy!


18 z sunroof

Some manufacturers offer something similar and may refer to it as a moon-roof.

Picnic Table Book:

19 z picnic table book

Others might call it a coffee-table book….but the Nissan company’s intention was for you to read this best-seller while out on an adventure. And, it is included with the purchase of every ’99 Special Edition Pathfinder.

In fact…these fellas in the Ojito Wilderness outside of Albuquerque are reading theirs while being entertained by an aspiring participant:

19b z coffee table

Legal Hotline:

One of the more interesting options included on the ’99 Pathfinder is…. legal hotline access. Similar to “OnStar”…you can just click a button on your rearview mirror and be immediately connected to a lawyer who can settle all disputes:

20 z who forgot the undies

….including disagreement over who was supposed to bring the underwear!

Heated Grill:

30 z heated grill

“Radiator grill”, that is! Similar, I guess, to the pricey Euro vehicles which offer heated interior seats. This unique Nissan “extra”, instead, can warm your booty if you’re outside the truck, resting on the front end, taking in a gorgeous AZ sunset as the temperature starts to fall!

Coat Rack:

34 z coat rack

A vast improvement over those stupid, little hooks above your rear windows that offered such limited height that you could barely even hang a shirt. This cool innovation means even your full-length mink will now be “good to go”.

Color BONUS:

This might have been more luck than anything else, but, when I was asked to pick the colors for my Pathfinder, I chose the Eggshell White exterior and Tan Vinyl interior. And, when I finally received my perfect companion vehicle at the dealership…..36 z tanlines

….they even threw in some “tanlines”. Wow, winner!

Well, everyone…..that about does it for the list of why I think the ’99 Pathfinder is the best damn vehicle ever for my Lonely Road project. And, for me….Mike G.

You see, I’ve sort of got a “heart-on” for this vehicle:

23 z heart on

I mean it really has been the perfect side-kick for my Lonely Road travels and adventures.

Think about it! The vehicle doesn’t let me down and has stood behind me and my work on nearly every shoot I’ve ever gone on:

37 z stands behind me

When you have something so reliable & trustworthy teaming up with you…..you really do have yourself a special companion. And, because of the Pathfinder’s fearless nature, it’s pushed me to explore more of the gorgeous world out there……thus opening a ton of doors for me and my photography:

39 z opened doors to the West...

You see, it’s quite simple. I just can’t say enough about the amazing ’99 Pathfinder and all of it’s incredible features! It has helped make the Lonely Road come true for me and I don’t know where I’d be without this truck.

Bottom-line, people…..

22 z bottom line best friend

….everyone needs a best friend.






#167, Madison’s Dreamhouse

Now’s the time to be looking to purchase your very own dreamhouse, people!

blog1 zpissed cowgirl 4x6

You too, honey…I’m not lying! You see…interest rates, which had fallen to rock bottom….

blog2 zlove that bubble 4x6 zoom

….levels……..are soon to be on their way back up! And, if you’re “open”….

blog3 bw open

….to spending a little time weeding through a bunch of existing inventory in pursuit of that special home you always wanted, there are some gems out there waiting for you:

blog4 zblue gem 4x6 disappearing nipple trick

OK. How’s that for an introduction to this 167th Lonely Road post? And, how about my house-hunter goddess friend, Ms. Madison Bunni? Wouldn’t you want to help her find that special little property she can call her dream home?

Well, first and foremost, did you happen to notice her footwear up above? Wearing the proper shoes when you’re out looking for homes is very important….and can make or break a deal! Hey, you often have to wade through a bunch of bullshit to find the house you truly love. So, either bring along your boots….

blog5 boots

…..or a plethora of booty….

blog6 booty with boots

….as each of those items will only help you close that deal of deals!

Well, as you can see from the photo above….Madison is primarily looking for something outside the city limits, to satisfy her cowgirl urges. And, she really is spending a lot of time, searching long and hard….

blog7 shielded eyes

….just hoping that her special home is out there, somewhere. This lovely lady, I have to tell you, has also been leaning….

blog8 leaning red panties

…towards saving a little money and getting herself a bit of a “fixer-upper”. But, you need to pause here a second and raise some red flags for yourself, Madison. You see, there are some inherent risks in searching for a home that needs a ton of work. First of all, you surely don’t want to give the shirt off your back…..

blog9 zvalentines forecast1 5x7

…and get stuck with some lemon that makes you immediately hate yourself for some poor decisions! Shoot, everyone……. you just need to pay attention to detail and exercise some caution when faced with these choices! There simply are just lots of “ups and downs” ….

blog10 up and down landscape6x4

….when it comes to putting a proper value on a piece of property that requires substantial work!

Now, I don’t want to worry you too much or drag your excitement down with unncessary pessimism…

blog11 IMG_1647

…as the whole process of purchasing your first home should be a TON of fun as well! You just don’t want to head out into this cutthroat real estate world unprepared, where you might stumble blindly into something you could’ve avoided:

blog12 IMG_5068


Just commit yourself, budget the time….as you may need to peel through a few layers of search….

blog13 IMG_5060

….to find that unique property which truly inspires you. You’ll need to do some due diligence and avoid forgetting any important criteria….

blog14 IMG_5087

…..which you had predetermined as a priority in your house-hunting process!


You may think I’m joking here, but, there is a ton of shit you need to be aware of when buying a home. And, you probably need to write a bunch of things down, put a list together ….as sometimes trying to remember all of the details you need to be considering…. gets a bit blurry:

blog15 IMG_5163

Well, enough of that cautionary crap, right?

Are you ready now to go out and find that home, sweet home……Madison? That SPECIAL place which just oozes “Madison Bunni” the moment you first lay eyes on it?? Well, here you go………my sexy, house-huntin’ friend:


Wow…this almost looks too good to be true, doesn’t it? And, if we head inside and take a good look around, I wonder what else we’ll find this baby has to offer?

A) Nice ventilation:

blog17 zbreak some rules 4x6

B) Lots of leg room…

blog18 IMG_5042

C) A recently remodeled side patio with a freshly painted roof:

blog19 IMG_5007

D) And, OMG…..one of the most gorgeous backyards I’ve ever beheld:

blog20 zshyness is so sexy

Man, you must be thinking the heavens have opened up for you when a dream home like this just falls into your lap, right?!

But, let me offer some clarification.  These kind of things happen for a reason!


It’s all a simple testament to the hard work this lady did…..to become an educated house-hunter!  Dreams do come true, Madison Bunni…….they sure as hell do. But, again, these kinds of dreams only happen once you commit yourself to the process and take the proper approach:

blog22 blog25

Well said…..sort of.

Guys….you too can become as satisfied as Madison Bunni. And, it just ain’t that hard. Just get yourself a plan, execute it down to the detail…….and you too will find yourself on path to become a satisfied, dreamhouse owner!

So, good luck…..and I’ll see ya again soon on the Lonely Road!



#166 Love ’em or Leave ’em

No, this entry has absolutely zero reference to boyfriends, wives or any relationship whatsoever. So…..hmmm……what might I be alluding to when suggesting to either “love ’em” or “leave ’em”?

This 166th Lonely Road entry is simply an educational post on the merits of panties in my photography. Yep, those lovely little pieces of clothing which play quite an integral role in my project’s wardrobe. For, you see…the panty can offer such a range of applications, not just as an undergarment…….and, we’ll explore some of those variations today.

So, without further ado…..please welcome my New Mexico friend, Raven:

blog 1 her undies with some colorful accessories

OK….what do you think? Right off the back she’s conservatively dressed in a pair of black panties along with some pretty vivid socks and blouse. Now, those panties do reveal a peek of her cheeks…..but this is a pretty tame option when it comes to utilization of her undies, right? Straightforward…..but, is this sexy enough to draw attention to my Lonely Blog or stimulate boys who might happen by us during Raven’s photoshoot?


blog 2 panty voyeur

……this poor bystander looks bored as hell, doesn’t he? Guess the “fully covered” rear end isn’t the approach he’s looking for with regards to our topic of interest today. Hmmm….what else could Raven do with these cotton briefs?

Well, she could peel them down a bit, still affording her some proper coverage in the front…yet offering a peek of her bottom. Do you think that might get our buddy a bit more perked up?

blog 3 interest growing

Absolutely….I think this technique might be working! Though he’s not entirely in focus do to the focal depth I used, I think you can see a bit of a smile on his face as he registers what our model is doing with her cotton underwear. So, clearly this guy prefers a bit more tease and less torment with regards to panties and how they should be worn. And, if just pulling them down gets his focus up…..I wonder what would happen if Raven didn’t wear any at all?

blog 4 appetite developing

Yep, his appetite for my photography continues to grow.

We are learning how to properly incorporate the cotton panty in a picture!

Well….this is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to the various uses of panties….as there is so much that can be done with them. You’ve seen Raven fully employ them to cover her rump, peel them down to expose her cheeks ….and also leave them absent from her wardrobe entirely. But, what else can she do with them aside from keeping them on her body?

a) The old panty stiff arm:

blog 5 raven hold

I like this concept as your eyes are drawn back and forth from the black panties to her butt. By not having the fabric on her …you’re forced to move your eyes around more in the photograph. And, I also like how “Lonely” the undies feel in this shot…..almost unnecessary, soon to be forgotten, totally unwanted.

The technique? Remove your drawers, grasp in one hand……and stick them out like you’re about to drop them in the trash!

b) The “dangle them down your leg” trick:

blog 6 hold 'em

The panties heighten the nakedness of her rump in this shot, I think. If she didn’t have them in her hand, you’d still be drawn to her bubbly behind, but, the shot may not come across nearly as seductive. She’s almost taunting the viewer with those undies.

The technique? Stand above your photographer and frivolously hold those undies just below your exposed ass. Peek over your shoulder at the guy with the camera and then display some serious attitude!

c) Say “fuck it” and toss ’em to the wind:

blog 7 leave 'em

Good bye, undies. This kind of shot is a bit insolent……as there is no looking back. But, it’s pretty damn fun for the model as I’m sure you can imagine how FREE you feel when you do something like this.

The technique? Remove your undies and them hold in your strong hand. Properly balance yourself if on a jagged rock….and use your off hand for stabilization. Then proceed to toss the panties ABOVE you…… and out in front of you…… so that they can be seen flying off in the distance. And hope that the photographer was paying close attention….

OK…how are we doing so far? Am I putting you to sleep trying to teach you about the optional uses for a pair of panties in my immature photography? Well, if you don’t find this post very stimulating, you might consider pausing to pour yourself a strong cup of coffee. A jolt of caffeine is how I stay focused during shoots like this as you know female bare bottoms just don’t do much for me:

blog 8 coffee rejuvinates me as does this pantiless image

Next, I thought I’d take a slight detour for a second or two as there is something else we need to discuss with regards to panties, and shooting with them out in nature. And….that is wind! Panties themselves aren’t affected much by a brisk breeze, unless you throw them up in the air. But, the wearer of those panties hair can be severely compromised by a strong wind….. in case you weren’t aware:

blog 9 hair challenges on the Lonely Road via wind and jumps

OMG, poor Raven. How in the hell can she continue stripping off her panties and flashing her gorgeous behind when her hair is completely uncooperative? Well…..one key component to Lonely Road photography is having all of the proper accessories with you, including hair spray! YES. Sunscreen, Kleenex, scissors, booze and even hairspray is essential in this style of photography. For, when control is of the essence, you need something to offer your undie-tossing model:

blog 10 hair spray for impending jumps, undies or not

Do you freak out if you’re not in control? Can bad hair days wreck your demeanor? Well, we luckily didn’t find that out with Raven.  And, having the hairspray along with us gave her the confidence to put those undies back on and attempt some killer jumps amidst the windy conditions:

blog 11 some mesh adds some mystery as you elevate your game

Man, not only is her hair out of her face and looking pretty styled, but this woman is also quite incredible when in motion! Holy cow, Raven can really jump. And, what we obviously did here, first and foremost, was to put the panties back on her. You see, asking a gal to jump naked can sometimes lead to “artistic” compromises. Comprende?

Certain angles may not turn out too flattering…..right?

Unless……. you attempt that said jump from perhaps a side-perspective or even from behind! Need an example to better demonstrate this theory? Well….let’s have our model remove some of the fabric she’s wearing to attempt a more revealing leap:

blog 12 opting to leave your panties on sometimes is nothing to be embarassed about

Wait a minute!  Is Raven suddenly suffering from shyness and hiding her head? Or…..hmmm, is our model perhaps a bit concerned by my request to attempt a naked leap?

Being bare-assed can make some people em-barrassed…….fyi.

But, I don’t think Raven struggles with such. Check-out this shot of her now only sporting those green socks:

blog 14 nope, panties really aren't needed for jumps, are they

Hello, “grace in motion”. Jumps from the side don’t require panties at all, right? And, not that it wouldn’t be cute if she still had some fabric covering her cheeks ….as clearly options do exist.  I just happen to think that having this beauty fly fabric-free in this shot turned out majestically! Would you agree? Can a booty look any better mid-flight??

Another key thing to remember with regards to panties is that if you misplace yours, or need a quick substitute if you suffer a rip or tear…..just some properly placed hands can often suffice when it comes to attempting a full-frontal Lonely Road leap of faith:

blog 15 coverage 5x7

Wow….she could be my new “cover” model.

OK, I was starting to have an absolute blast watching Raven jump around naked in front of me and thus decided to ask her if she wanted to forgo undies for the remainder of the shoot that day:

blog 16 want to try about 23 more naked jumps in glasses and socks, Raven

Do you feel you read people’s body language and expressions well? Hmm….I think her answer was/is……NO.

So….here’s a photo of Raven wearing a whole lot more! And, you might even find it sexier than some of the more revealing shots that preceded it. I think it’s due to a combination of her confident body language and her expression….

blog 17 dressy black panties with gloves, boots and bowtie SEXY

…and leaving something to the imagination?! Less (revelation) can be more.

Well, for the next shot, what if we keep Raven in the gloves and boots but exclude those undies. Will this be too revealing?

blog 18 even more sexy without the undies 4x6

It is possible to “love” seeing panties on a model and also appreciate photos where that fabric is completely lacking. Sort of depends on the pose, the situation and what other accessories are involved. Reveal some skin sometimes, hide it at other times….and offer a wide range of variation to the viewer to keep their attention.  Am I keeping yours….I hope?!?!

Anyway, we’re nearing the end of this entry and I now realize that I’ve not even focused on Raven’s butt in the last two photographs! Am I slacking? Could my photographic style be transitioning to other parts of the female anatomy and away from round behinds??

Ummm…..not really.

blog 19 artist about to show you just how sexy a rear end can look still in panties

Here is the professional, well-dressed, Lonely Road photographer, zooming in on his top priority: more ass. And, even with Raven standing there topless…..I’m still more preoccupied with turning her around and focussing on that rump of hers…… despite it being completely clad in fabric!


Well, maybe when you see this next shot…. and get the gist of just how sexy a rear end can be while still covered in sheer panties…..will you better understand my choice of subject matter in that preceding frame.


blog 20 amazing pantied behind

The little, white tag on her panties says “Love my cheeks”. Well, I sure as heck do and I hope you do too. My God, a pantied behind can literally be sexier at times than a naked one….wouldn’t you agree?

Well, that about gets us to the end of this blog post….and an end to my comparison of leaving panties on or taking them off. Guess I better offer a bit of a review….

Panties come in a variety of materials, colors and styles……but can offer some nice coverage for a rear end when you’re trying to torment the viewer and stir his/her imagination:

blog 27 remember the initial question I posed about panties. Well.....my answer is .....you just gotta love 'em

You can mix them with other pieces of clothing, and simply focus on the seductive body language and expression of your model and still create sexy as hell images:

blog 22 lets summarize where we're at....panties can be super sexy, mixed with other fabrics and colors and designed to tease

Lastly, you also can have your model remove her undies, toss them in the air or just keep them dangling in her hand…..in attempts to draw more of an audience to your imagery. Different strokes work for different folks….though I think Raven’s friend in green is more of a fan of the “leave ’em” approach towards panty photography:

blog 24 but, if you take your panties off.....you may find that some guys come running as they love more skin and less left for the imagination

See you again soon!



#165 Heavy Traffic on the Lonely Road

Well….the name of my project is fitting…most of the time. Empty paths, the contrasting beauty of nature next to a lovely model. But, sometimes, the degree of loneliness can be put into question. Case in point, at the Ojito Wilderness in New Mexico, when everyone and their uncle seemed ready to partake in my project. And, the lovely participant who had to endure the crowds? Well…..you’ll meet her in a second. But, first of all, the fabulous and usually quite empty roads you find in the Ojito:

blog 1 entry....typical LONELY...by definition

Now you’ll get to meet her. And, this lovely, red-haired, Amazonian lady just happens to have very fair skin. So, in the constant heat and sunlight of New Mexico, proper preparation is essential:

blog 2 sunscreen

Hello, Mr. Sunscreen! Hey, I pack the basics for my photo shoots and don’t want anyone getting sunburned if possible. I think you might remember the rump on Lisa in entry #151, and, Amber too didn’t want to feel that warmth. So…after she applied the lotion to all the necessary parts…it was on to our first outfit:

blog 3 alternative to sunscreen

We’d found a little mound which we could climb up…and thus got a nice perspective of this beautiful lady looking north over the stark landscape. A little breeze in her hair, the semi-translucent sweater to tease the viewer…..and some blue boy-shorts to create some more contrast. But, did you prefer her without the sweater when she was next to my mobile dressing room applying her SPF? If so…you might approve of this next shot we took as I pivoted and photographed her looking south toward the morning light…

blog 4 are you open to having guests drop by

How ’bout that for an attention-grabbing profile? I love her sultry expression, the sweater blowing behind her…and, of course, the dusty approach of a car in the distance. Hmm…you wonder if they can see her, and I hope they can….though from that distance I’m not sure. But, as she was probably asking herself at this exact moment……wasn’t this supposed to be “Lonely Road” shoot?

blog 5 do they know what awaits them

Well….the goal was a lonely environment, but, as this shot of that approaching vehicle attests…the presence of a visitor or two can add an interesting element to the photographs. And, she didn’t give a rat’s ass! Hah….she thought it was a bonus and thus our fun began.

So, do you think that was our last unexpected visitor for the day?

blog 7 heavy traffic....nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd

If you answered “No” to the last question, you’re a winner! Now go buy a Powerball ticket since the jackpot is like $800MM….this 9th day of January, 2016…and see if your luck can continue!

Anyway, as you can see…we seem to be blessed with quite a few visitors on our day in the Ojito. And, as we wrapped up this portion of our shoot and decided to walk down closer to the road for a few more shots, she waved adieu to those that had just passed us by….

blog 8 nice to meet you

So, as we dropped down closer to that road, my model knew she’d be even harder to miss. And with her carefree attitude, she felt it was time to really whip up even more fun:

blog 9 ready to whip this up to another level....as we're too high above the busy dirt road

With weekend adventurers coming out to this wilderness area to bike, hike & explore…we figured we’d just add another element to their unforgettable day.

Do you think she wanted to keep the sweater on her shoulders for this next portion of our shoot?

blog 10 time to lose the sweater for even more fun

OMG, you folks guessed right again! Hell, she really didn’t need that extra layer as it started to warm up anyway, and, since closer now to any potential visitors….the risk and reward sort of ramped up too! blog 11 reapply lotion to her fair skin and contemplate pose for the next of her unending visitors

Case in point! As she again grabbed the lotion to protect her lovely skin…..you can see another vehicle speeding towards us. So…..here’s the toughest question you’ve faced so far:

Do you think she just stood there, facing the oncoming vehicle, with her breasts prominently on display?

blog 12 bottom line.....the cars on our well-traveled pathway deserve a bit of rump too

Nope…you’ve got to shake things up sometime and with such a cute butt, why not share that view as well, right? She’s blocking the glare from the light as she turns to face the approaching car and sunshine…..checking to make sure the car isn’t the local sheriff coming to smack that rump of hers.

Well….unfortunately it wasn’t a member of law enforcement, and, our adventurous model even got a little nervous on this shot due to the immediate proximity of her guests. In fact, as they passed, she quickly switched to this pose as they honked their horn and laughed:

blog 13 at least they didn't see my boobs again

Well, she wasn’t done yet and actually said she was having fun just standing their next to the road. So, it wasn’t very long before another of our unending array of guests sped towards us:

blog 14 as soon as she pulled her pants back up, OMG, another guest to our non-Lonely Road

I love this shot! You can see she’s just resigned to the situation and knows her boobs will be on public display. Now….here is the shot that I think best sums up our complete experience:

A perfect pose, great light on her hair, and yet another adventurer soon to share in her beauty:….

blog 15 worth trying one last shot.....as this was our best in this location

Ah, yes, the not-so-lonely road!

Well, for the last portion of our photo day….I knew of a neat adobe house which wasn’t far away. And, if you look back at my previous shoots….you may see it pop up in one or two more times (entry #19)….as I have had others visit this location as well:

blog 16 adobe house you've seen before. On border of wilderness and Zia land

Anyway, how better can you celebrate an ancient, abandoned, adobe dwelling than with an amber-haired Amber, not wearing a top?

blog 17 and to celebrate the work ethic of our forefathers who settled in the west and lived in such palaces, how bout a tall, topless redhead in the door

So, as my willing model agreed to my silly idea and removed her tanktop……the last of our unplanned visitors approached us, rapidly! Hah, a truck literally pulled around from the back of the house…. right as she had removed her shirt…..so we now stared back at it’s 3 passengers in an equal state of surprise!

But, this is where my story gets even better.

The guys inside the truck were smiling ear to ear and even rolled down their window to inquire what we were up to. And, it happens that the adobe house is sort of on the border of the BLM land of the Ojito Wilderness and the neighboring Zia Pueblo. So, the 3 guys were members of the tribe and loved what they’d happened upon. Therefore, we welcomed them to step out of their truck and see more of what we were doing….

blog 18 OMG...some Zia guys happened upon us right as Amber removed her top. So, to show them what we were doing....we whipped open my book

….and they were specifically impressed by the nude women in my book that were doing jumps….

blog 19 they loved the book and loved amber....and wondered if she would jump

Thus, they asked my companion if she might be able to do something similar in front of the adobe house. Well, you can’t say “no” to such friendly requests, especially when they happen in such unannounced fashion in the midst of your shoot. So, with my model willing to “go the extra mile” for these random voyeurs……the guys clearly were not let down:

blog 20 YES...you always entertain your guests when on the Lonely

Ah, yes! Beauty in the air, in front of the adobe house…..tossing her shyness and clothes aside for the good of my new Zia friends! And, such ended the heavy-traffic day we had on the (not-so) Lonely Road in the Ojito Wilderness of New Mexico.

See ya……

blog 21 sure wasn't lonely on this well-traveled dirt highway today, but, we had one hell of a great time surprising all those we encountered




#164, The 4th of 4 from the Playa

Yep…the last of my entries from the Black Rock Desert, 2015….and, I hope you’ve seen the 3 previous posts as well. It was another epic week for me and I’m wrapping it up with images from several amazing experiences that all happened on my final day at the Burn this year!

First up? Hmmm….just a random pair of shoes?


Well…the owner of those golden boots is a magical woman that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several times, the past few years:


Not hard to fall under Kaya’s spell, is it? She is absolutely stunning and also possesses mad skills when it comes to posing, grace and balance. Hell, she’s even a really good “waver” …..as the BLM cops can attest to:


I sort of felt bad for those dudes though….as, Kaya’s next outfit might have even been more to their liking had they stuck around to watch:


“Tails Never Fails” is my motto when it comes to coin tosses, and, when it comes to Kaya….. and her choice of which direction to face……I think I have a winner again! She is so creative and full of ideas when we get together….. and I just LOVE the variety of attire she brings with her to the Burn. Jewelry, footwear, pieces to wrap around her….this woman brings the whole wardrobe!


Ooops, I was just “pumping up” her vast wardrobe and then posted a shot of her only wearing a black belt.. Well….that is an awesome belt, isn’t it?

Anyway, I need a bit of clarification with regards to this last shot, everyone. Because, it seems Kaya is “leaning to the right”…… correct? Yet, most of us who attend Burning Man instead “lean to the left”, politically. Hmmm…..

Could this mean that Kaya is a mystery Republican?

Hell no! And, like most who attend this event and support its ideals….freedom of expression rules here:


And, what do you think Kaya may be expressing in this shot? Radical self-reliance? Well, that is another key principal of the Burn…..and believing in yourself and your own ability to thrive in this world is something she truly possesses. But…there also is a HUGE sense of community on the playa….. and everyone is welcome in all situations. So…..hey, what do you think should naturally happen in the above photo when a bunch of amazing acro-yoga enthusiasts….


…..stumble upon you?


Correct! Radical inclusion!!

The sense of togetherness that abounds on the playa is so totally cool. People show up to see what you’re doing, you invite them to join your project, and even more magic starts to happen….. especially when the new additions have a similar perspective on what to wear for jumping photographs:


Wooo hoooo! Well said, people!  And, you’re about to find out just how lucky I was to have had 15 acrobatic, super-balanced, gymnastic wonders from a group called Swing Camp…. join Kaya and I in the dust.

An example, you say? Well….can you jump like Jacob?


Wow…the dude could literally fly! These people were all so wondrously graceful and talented……they even were able to properly synchronize the flight of their pigtails when the leapt into the air:


So…this lady above was one of the two people I need to thank most for bringing this whole group of amazing people to me. Christina, and her boyfriend Colin, happened to be the first folks I approached at Swing Camp when I stopped to see if they’d be interested in partaking in some of my photographs. And, when they both smiled and said they’d been looking for somebody to take pictures of themselves and their campmates…. I had no idea that so many of them would want to join in. So, just a little extra “thanks” to this pigtailed beauty:


OK …..now I have a question:

What is your favorite position to kiss in?

Well, as Christina’s campmates Hani and Liz are about to demonstrate…..theirs is neither standing, sitting…. nor a traditional spoon technique. They prefer something “face to face” ….but you better build up your triceps if you intend to try this one on your lover:


Could you attempt this kissing position and NOT crush your significant others’ nose? Well, if the “Push-Up Smooch” is not in your repertoire, how about trying this next pose…..though perhaps not with a kiss intended::


Hmmm…..what do you think they are looking at? Well, though most guys wouldn’t mind stepping into Jacob’s role…….both he and Christina actually were looking off into the distance, totally focussed on the art they were performing. And, though you can’t yet see it in this image….a very unique visitor was also on his way to join our group:


Yep…. you truly know you’re having a “once in a lifetime experience” when you get Kaya, the acrobats from Swing Camp and a gigantic Dust Devil all together at the same time! The stars had to have been magically aligned for me this day….though I hadn’t yet even realized just HOW aligned. Because, Scott and a couple of the ladies had been practicing this Atlas pose and some other lift techniques….


….and now they had a chance to incorporate such in a pretty special situation:


Are you starting to see why this final day on the playa for me in 2015 was so darned special? God, this shot is so wild. That dust devil was really swirling …and, for these guys to be able to perform a lift in the middle of it was incredible!

Anyway, after the devil departed, it was back to more heavenly creations for my new friends. And, in this next shot, you’re going to see Cesar attempting to run up and do a flying somersault over Kasey and her perfect handstand splits:


FYI…this picture doesn’t even do justice to what they were attemptinig. First of all, she had to hold this pose for a long time and keep her legs even with the horizon. And, he had to run up, fly over her while  doing a full fli[, and then land on thethe parched desert surface, NAKED, without killing himself! Pretty crazy!!

But, their next idea was even better! In it, Kasey is still performing her incredible hand-stand splits, but, Cesar is now firing all guns as he simply jumps up and does equally amazing splits while hovering over her:


What do you think? He’s shooting me while I shoot them…..and this is pretty sweet.

Next, the group sort of “circled the wagons”……. as they talked aloud about what else they could do as a group, for their last big hurrah:

y group

And, after a couple minutes of running around and throwing out ideas…..they said they had one final surprise to share.

So….are you ready for this last attempt by the Swing Camp acro specialists? Do you think they had anything left in them to surpass what they’d already done?  Well……judge for yourself:

y not

I think I see Cody, Micki and Theresa in this shot as well….and apologize to anyone who’s name I left out. But, these folks were truly a gift for me to photograph….and I thank them again for spontaneously joining me in the dust.

One guy in their camp, named Nayef, did decide to stay for a little while longer….and he then invited Kaya to try some acro poses as well :….as she had been patiently waiting while the Swing Campers did their thing:


And, after a quick introduction…….what do you think he and Kaya came up with?


Nayef is entirely in his element here, as is Kaya…..and the result is dramatic. Wow, together they are lovely….and thus they tried a variety of other poses in this same basic set.  My favorite of the whole series happens to be:


Wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, Nayef then got dressed and took off on his way, leaving me a little more time to again focus my camera on Kaya and her beauty. And, of course, she still had some exquisite pieces of clothing she had brought along with her which I’d not yet photographed her in:


Isn’t that furry wrap just perfect on her? Well….if you need to see it from another angle, how about this:


I hope this leaves a couple of you speechless….as I think it might be the best shot she and I got this day. Super-sexy yet we have left so much to your imaginations! Well, with that I realize I had run out of time and that my amazing day with her was about to end. I also woke up to the fact that I too had been naked for the past couple hours, along with Kaya and the acro yoga folk, and that I’d forgotten to rub sunscreen on my butt.

So…..how pink does my ass look next to Kaya’s:


Well, NOT as pink as my socks!

So…….as I wrapped up my Burn for 2015, I did drop by my camp in time to catch Barton and Paul providing an overdue spanking to my friend, Franny. She apparently had escaped this attention earlier in the week….


…..and now the Chairman of the Bored was more than happy to assist in getting her up to speed.

Oh, what the Chairman must see, Pete Day, in his 8 days on the playa. If only he could speak and tell his tales!

Well, you guys, with that….my dusty kick-ass week was done for another year!

And, as I began driving the 15 hours down Hwy 93 back towards Phoenix, the memories of all I had experienced started popping up and bringing endless smiles back to my face:


See you next year!








#163, 3rd entry for the 2015 Burn

I ended the last entry with Sarah Jane on a pink unicorn….. and, I said I’d be kicking off this next segment with she and another of my awesome friends, Franny…who is the cover model for my website! Anyway, how GREAT do you think my life is when I get to roll out into the dust with both of these gorgeous ladies? And, what do you think you do when you immediately happen upon a couple of chairs and a steel chest…out on the playa…. which can double as a coffee table? Well, in our mundane world you dial in an cocktail party since Sarah Jane brought along her martini glass:

n1 (1)

Every piece of art on the playa is so unique, and this little “room” was just an invitation for creativity! And, what can make your afternoon martini party even better? A Frenchman and his wife, in their 60’s, who just happen to stop and join you! Ah, the joy of wacky, random encounters at the Burn. And, when the guy asks to be in a picture with your topless lady friends, you let him kneel down between the gals in honor of his luck, and then position the martini glass properly in his hands to “artistically” shadow those in need:

n1 (2)

Viva le France! Hah..the guy was so happy. Well, there is seemingly endless art to uncover out there ….but, the next thing the gals and I ran into seemed to create a minor challenge:

n1 (4)

Whoa, ladies, I don’t want anything to come between you guys and our friendship?! Hey, it’s just some 12+ sided giant gold cube. And, I mean…..can’t we try to share?

n1 (4a)

As you see, once they embraced the notion that there was plenty for each of them….I guess everything was fine. Thank God! And, you know, when you can overcome some challenges, especially with gorgeous, nude woman….the whole experience can be pretty uplifting:

n1 (4b)

Yeah, these two girls….their beauty and their zest for anything zany….just blows me away.

This next shot doesn’t show off the whole piece of art we visited next, as it was a giant arch that had a pivoting heart in the middle! But, just having Franny and Sarah stand on the platform I thought was beautiful in itself….especially with the dust starting to swirl behind them:

n1 (4ba)

And, the dust and wind really began to howl shortly after that photo was taken. So, Sarah Jane agreed to visit one more piece of art with us before she headed back to the camps to get a bit of an escape from the elements. And…OMG…..this next creation we ran into was so unique:

n1 (4bb)

Idiot here never confirmed exactly what the art piece was, but, we all theorized that it was designed to represent perhaps Mother Nature and the birth of our world?! So, if I’m way off here in my notion of what this actually represented…. and you attended the Burn…please correct me, OK? But, anyway, it was a very large, steel sculpture and the gals posing at it’s feet gives you an idea of the size.

So, at this point, Sarah jumped on her bike to head back to camp for some food. Franny, instead, just nibbled on something else:

n1 (4c)

Snack time!

It is wild on the playa when the blowing dust creates a “white out” ….as you can’t see very far. But, if you take your time ….you will stumble upon more and more interesting art:

n1 (5)

This head was so fucking cool. It had a voice that would speak to you as you got close to it….and …having come from the mother nature sculpture moments ago….it was so interesting seeing it labeled “earth”. Also, it’s nice when you don’t have lots of other folks standing around next to an art piece….as it means better photo opportunities. Otherwise, when you have a friend with a loverly, round rump posing for your pictures, sometimes people can get a bit nosy:

n1 (6)

Franny and I really had a blast thinking up ideas to incorporate with the Earth Head…LOL. And, I’ll leave you with one final example of our attempts at creativity….before we bid this lovely lady adieu:

n1 (7)

Perhaps a message to you women who get a bit frustrated with your partner! I just can’t imagine that guys don’t patiently listen to you ladies all the time?!

The next morning was spectacular! No wind, no dust…….just some fabulous tracks and cracks waiting to greet me on the perimeter:


But, isn’t something missing? I mean, the view of the open playa between the mountains and the camps is stark and beautiful, but, shouldn’t there be a bit of life added to the shot to enhance it a bit?



Oh, man, please welcome Liana and Layla ….my Thursday morning presents!  Straight from their camp called “SlutGarden”, these two ladies are just endless fun and absolutely beautiful. So, hmmm…how would you ask them to pose next if you were given the choice?


Great idea! The old headdress ass grab! Man, I wish I’d thought of that! And, as you can tell by their smiles…they really had fun with my ridiculous posing suggestions. And, wouldn’t you want a shot of you squeezing on one of these butts if the offer came your way?

p4I guess I would.

So much is happening around you, all the time, when you’re at the Burn…..that you need to pay attention to sometimes see opportunities.  Like, for example, have you ever been posing for an ass photo, in your boots and headdress, when a boat on wheels drives past you playing thumping dance music?

what would you like to jump on

Nah, me neither!

Hey, how ’bout I actually have my amazing friends turn around now….and face the camera for once? Well, a bit risqué I guess…since these two don’t have much on their lower extremities…but, hey, when you use a low camera angle and have overhead light….shadows can be your friends:


See…..so subtle!  Anyway, after having the gals then remove their headdresses,  it was time to let them lay down and relax for a moment:


Infrared shots do such a great job of showing contrast……like, the lightness of the dust in both the air above the camps and on the girls’ bottoms!

Question: Should I have reached in and dusted them off? OMG, did I slack at my job??

Well…after the rest break, I asked these two what they’d like to do next. We’d been out there in the sun for over an hour, and, sometimes you get a bit parched. So, Liana stared back at the camps…towards Spank Bank….and said she really wanted a cocktail and perhaps a proper spanking:


I was devastated, of course, as my creative photography session with these two would be coming to an end. Now, rats, I’d have to go back and paddle their butts!

Life can be so hard at the Burn.

Well, with that declaration from Liana……Layla, on their other hand, seemed pretty excited for what might happen next:


I won’t spare you the sordid details of what transpired next……but, this is a shot of the gals after they’d taken what they had coming, and then been awarded their cups and cocktails:


Thus comes to a close the amazing time I had with these two sexy as hell people! But, before totally closing this post out….. I will leave you with one, final thought.

Franny, who appeared earlier in this post….happens to be a massage therapist, and, she brought her massage table to our camp this year. So, in appreciation for Layla being such a trooper, a couple of my campmates volunteered to give her one last gift before sending her on her way:



The old Spank Bank massage!

So, as Barton and Cordurroy start digging into her tight muscles……I will hope you had a good time reading about (and seeing) what my 2015 playa experience entailed. And, hold tight for the final post of my 2015 Burn, as I have one last entry to share with you in a few days.








#162, More of the Burn 2015, part 2

Say you were headed to the playa this year and were interested in partaking in both a photoshoot with me….as well as receiving a proper spanking at Spank Bank. Hmmm…

Which should you do first and why?

Quite the dilemma, huh? Well, my campmate, Dana, opted to try the photoshoot thing first and you can see that her lovely, upside down booty is bruise-free and quite alluring in it’s elevated state:


She also was pretty smart when it came to playing games at camp…as you can see in the picture below that she opted quite often to be the “giver” instead of the “receiver”…..which a lot of the boys, like Shay,  who visited our camp appreciated anyway!

zdana spanks Shay2

But, not everyone planned their day as well as Dana! Take Tall Sarah….. as an example? This is what she opted to try PRIOR to posing for lovely, artistic, nude photographs out in the dust:

z1 plus 1 b

Her friend, Milada, is not being very gentle, is she? FYI, this may NOT be what you want to do a half an hour prior to your photoshoot. Because, when you then head out onto the perimeter for those pictures……um, .you can run into some potential problems:

z1 plus 1 a

Hah….Sarah’s butt is cute as hell, but, a wee bit redder than those of her friends, Lauren and Milada, right? Well, before I focus more on these ladies and the fun they had with my camp and camera, let’s instead get to the heart of quality playa photography!

For, in addition to a bike, sunscreen, headlamp and water…..another KEY survival item at the Black Rock Desert is a pair of sunglasses:

8azz (2)

Heather and Carissa happened to bring the same pair and thus allowed my immature mind to wander …… But, “hearts” come in many different formats, especially in the playa dust, so when I asked Heather to turn around for a slightly different camera angle, I was afforded another heart-shaped perspective:


Wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, the only problem with this picture is that I’ve sort of cancelled Heather’s flight. You see, she’s wearing a pair of wings on her back… and, having her lay in the cracks (and, showing us hers at the same time….) really doesn’t do those wings any justice. So, I had her friends Carissa and Heather join me for an additional shot….in hopes that we could make amends:

8dzwoo hoo for heather's booty


Hey! That idea really took off, didn’t it?

Well…let’s have these 3 beautiful ladies turn around for the next shot, OK? And, how ’bout I add a message to this image to incentives any and all to join us all on the playa in 2016:

8zz (3)

You see, you’d not only have a shit-ton of fun if you came to the Burn, but, you might find that a week there helps get you ahead financially too! Wow….thanks, ladies! And, as these fabulous women head off into the sunset…..why not take in the departing view:


Ready to revisit Spank Bank? Remember those sunglasses that Heather and Carissa were wearing?  Well, there are many more hearts awaiting you on the Playa …especially if you choose the right paddle:


See how much we love our guests? OMG….she’s got a heart-on too! Anyway, we get girls, guys, couples and groups …that all visit us at the Bank, and we promise satisfaction for any one and all when they meander through our gate:

z7 d (6)

Such a conservative, shy crowd, huh? God, I love this place and the amazing attitudes of the 70K people who join me here each year. And, don’t forget that we will offer you a drink and a stamp on your ass when you show up at Spank Bank next year…..


….especially if you and your friends are there celebrating your “Dirty 30” birthday party:


Say “hi” to Barbie, the pink-cheeked lady in the middle who was celebrating her big day with her girlfriends! My campmates, Bill and Dana, assisted with the stamp application….thanks! And, these gals so enjoyed their session at our camp that they had to step out into the street and celebrate:

zdirty30d love the guy driving by

Woo Hoo! The dude on the bike just epitomizes “right place, right time”.

Now, remember Sarah and Milada….and the dilemma question I posed at the start? Well, Milada was actually the first “victim” when those ladies came by our camp….but, Sarah was a bit more gentle on her:


Jeez…Milada is just having a grand ‘ole time isn’t she? Can’t you swing that thing any harder, Sarah? Flogger get caught in your tutu?? Well, we do have each recipient pick their implement and also pick how hard they want to be swatted. But, most choose a level a bit lighter and more playful than Tall Sarah did! Here she’s experiencing a couple lashes from the author, yours truly, also sporting my Tutu Tuesday look:



Wow…..even the Chairman of the Bored art car, sitting auspiciously there in the background, gasped at what Sarah was requesting from me as far as intensity!

Hmmm….should Sarah have been partaking in this sort of activity this prior to her photo shoot??

Well, her visit to the Bank didn’t end with me as others had lined up to welcome her properly:

zcorduroy getting eye to eye

Is Corduroy there to test her heart rate while Milada maker her ass redder and redder? Well, I’m guessing you all can now help Sarah answer that question about whether or not she should’ve been spanked prior to participating in the group photoshoot:

zz1 photos before spankings

Correct, Sarah….in hindsight!  Well, I luckily can apply my limited photo editinig skills to help diminish red marks on cheeks…so, you’ll not notice quite the bruising on the rest of what I’m about to share. But, wait a minute! . What’s this dude reaching for in this next shot…taken by Mark Barton?

9f (3)

Well, I thin that Dylan, a first-time Burner from Canada….who ventured by us earlier… was probably just looking for his pants, right? And, maybe he thought they were hiding in Milada’s hand?

Well, we kicked his ass out of this next shot so that the gals could have some time to themselves….and we had Dana show off her mad jumping skills…and seemingly balance herself on Milada’s head:

9f (4)

Nice job, Captain.

Hey, wait…..when everyone else is having fun getting naked….wouldn’t you too sort of feel left out? Well, hell, I sure do when I’m stuck behind the lens. So, that’s where a tripod and remote button can play a major role in alleviating one’s fabric frustrations:

9f (5)

Ah, such relief!

So, while we were making asses of ourselves, several other guys happened upon our little group:


And, can you blame them? A bunch of gorgeous, naked gals hanging around….wouldn’t you want to stop by too? Well….seeing as we couldn’t just have our new friends just sit there staring at the ladies, I decided that the gals should lay down and relax for a second and offer these boys a chance to demonstrate their Israeli jumping skills:


Damn! The fellas have some game!

After our new friends took off,  it was then time for the gals to get back to work. And, wasn’t Barton just chivalric as hell to help dust these ladies off after they’d been laying in the dust on their stomachs:


I mean….wow…. not many guys would volunteer for that gig, right? He truly is a gentleman. Completely selfless….so very giving…. as the girls well-being was always foremost in his mind.

Notice too that the gals  have now chosen to stand their without their bottoms on?! Well, after the 3 Middle Easterners departed, we had looked all around for the girls’ underwear, but we couldn’t locate one pair. So, at first we assumed those guys might have taken them as a momento. Or, perhaps, that first dude, Dylan, had run off with them since he didn’t have pants on either? Well……after debating these theories….the girls then through out one other potential scenario:



Really? Mark Barton?? The same guy I’d just pumped up as being so honorable and selfless?


Well, as Lauren and Milada pulled their undies back on, Sarah walked over to that “man in black” and confronted him. And….


Yep. The panty thieve was found.

Alright. Case closed. And, as I wrap up this portion of my Burn 2015 story….I will leave you with one last image. Here is one of my favorite, “funny as hell” friends, Sarah Jane, mounting her wooden steed:


You see, she and another of my goddess buddies, Franny, will be next up in my ongoing Burn posts from 2015. So…… stay tuned for more soon.

But, after seeing all of the heart-shaped images I shared today….

Doesn’t everybody feel a bit horny?




















Lonely #161, My 9th trip to the Playa

Hi, everyone! My random posts have fallen behind again and I still have tons of old Lonely Road shoots to share with you…..butt, I thought I’d take a brief detour and share a couple of entries which document my ninth visit to the Burn. I’ve done a poor job of sharing my photography from that amazing event……so……what better a place and time to share than on my blog, right? Hell, the Burn has played a huge part in creating my style of photography…and 2015 was another glorious year in the dust for me, my camera, and my ideas!

My perspective of the Burn is also just mine, people. Others attend the event to experience the camps, art, music, community and so much more. So, even though you’ll see a ton of bodies in my summary….there truly is so much more.

I’ll start you out with the only inorganic body I photographed on the playa this year….

0zthe woman

The artist that creates these fabulous, anatomically “dead-on” bodies is so gifted. These statues are simply incredible, and I don’t think pictures do them justice. But, this sunset perspective on the Woman is pretty cool…especially with light slipping through the metal frame atop those mountains in the background! And, as you see the people milling around it…you know just how large the statue truly is. You also can see previous work like this on Treasure Island between Oakland and San Francisco!

Now, my game was to have gals pose next to…. and with….. the Woman and use angles and depth of field to generate “unique” perspectives. And, first up is my gorgeous friend, Venus, amidst a dust storm with her back to the Woman:

1bzdust of venusBW

Hah…were you surprised to see some clothing? Well….the reflective nature of Venus’ top made this shot blog-worthy in my opinion. And, OMG, the dust blowing just adds a bizarre dimension to it….wouldn’t you agree?

Next up is my website’s cover model…..and one of my favorites in this world, Franny! And, I attempted ot have her stand quite a distance from the Woman in order to try to make the two ladies quite similar in stature:

1bzwomen from the side

DId I succeed? My lovely friend and I got soooo lucky as the winds subsided for a few moments while we were here at the statue to allow us to create this shot. …and she did a killer job mimicking the pose…don’t you think?!

Now…rather than pose in similar fashion to what Franny did….another friend of mine, Brix, decided to go “back to back”…. with the Woman. And, she also got the bonus gift of some perfect, setting sunlight……. to highlight her sensational figure:

1czthe inner goddess

FYI, I think the dude walking between the Woman’s legs was more into Brix than the art piece he was next too. Agreed? Well….Brix and I felt we owed this statue a bit of thanks for giving us the chance to photograph with her. So, here Brix gives the Woman a kiss in appreciation of her generosity:

1ezthe kiss

Isn’t that sweet? Well….I also think that my models and I deserve a bit of thanks for attempting to create some pretty interesting shots with this insane statue…don’t you think? Thus, when I proposed such a request to the Woman, she kindly agreed to give Franny’s ass a kiss in reciprocity:

1hzkiss franny's ass

Yep, there you go….everyone and everything appreciating one another! Ah, the true sense of what Burning Man is all about. And, that statue and the artist who created it RULE! Get to the dust and you’ll understand what I mean!

I spend a ton of my time there simply photographing people on the perimeter of the camps and the art! Out away from the crowds and creations. The dry, prehistoric lakebed has such interesting color to it. And, when contrasted to a vivid, blue sky…I just find the photographs other-worldly! So, wandering out into those open spaces and capturing the beauty of people on that cracked surface is quite epic. Just ask Sarah and Pickles about their experience out there with me:

2azappreciate others

You know Pickles’ loved this! Jeez….just sitting back and watching Sarah look as beautiful as can be. But, I don’t simply photograph the gals in a state of undress. Sarah also had to get her chance to appreciate her man in return:

2bzdo you know what you want, dark

What do you think of the subtle shadow? Sarah knows what lies beneath it and clearly is claiming some ownership to it with that hand gesture, LOL. And, speaking of hand gestures….one thing I LOVE about the Burn is that everyone gets along with everyone else. You introduce yourself to those who pass you by. You say “hi” to anyone you meet. You actually get to know all of your neighbors! Wow, a dream world?? Well…in honor of the sense of community you experience there…..here’s another shot of these fun friends of mine:

2esm Introduce yourself to OTHERS CARD

Words to live by!

Another sensational friend of mine who got the chance to partake in my photography was Andie. And, to properly highlight her tall, elegant looks….I felt a low-angle shot would do she and her physique the most justice:


Hot, huh? And, if you wonder what happens when a random person on a bike happens upon us in such a situation….checkout this next shot:

3fsm Encourage Others to LIVE CARD

We saw him coming on his bike and he was smiling from afar. So, when Andie raised her hand for a “high-five”, her newest fan gladly responded. Woo Hoo….life in the dust! Andie….you rock!

Now, for those who are unaware, the other “side” to my playa life while I’m at the Burn is tied to a theme camp, Spank Bank. My campmates and I have hosted this for five years……and, yep, it’s exactly what you think it is. So, I attempted to capture a few artistic shots of this sexy spanking world so that you know what torture I have to endure at the Burn when I’m not photographing beautiful people:

4azvictor's massage4

We restrain our willing guests and tease them a bit…..like my buddy Mark is doing!

4bzrachel spanked3

We then, against our own, conservative wishes…..bare their bottoms!

4czgame face

Then we spank them……even if they try to act tough, like Corduroy. And, fellas, Krista doesn’t hold back. Hell….I think he’s praying?!?!

4dzbad cop good cop with Lauren and Josh

We also offer a bit of “love” both during and after the session….just like Josh is demonstrating….to make sure your cheeks feel appreciated.

4eztoast2 get your cup

And, finally….as a gift….we then offer you a cold cocktail in an appropriately colored MOOD CUP…as well as a properly placed stamp reminding you of who we are! Hah….life’s not too shabby back at camp either! The only torture is waiting your turn to experience this fun! And, our visitors really have a great time with this whole game. So, this last shot of Spank Bank camp life shows a typical group stopping by for their morning wakeup call:

4fzsuch love at our camp6 pickles spanks sarah

And, you may not recognize that spanker as he looks different than when he was getting his….um……hand……..shaken in one of the above photos. You’ll also get a chance to see more of the spankee and her friends in my next Playa post…fyi….as they stayed to do a photoshoot with me after their spankings!

The week I spend in the dust each year offers me endless gifts ……and, my next model, Julie was another of them I was treated to this past year. She happened to camp next to me; we talked about photography over a coffee one morning; then we rode our bikes away from the camps and created this:

5aztake flight, Julie H

A flowing, white gown was simply perfect against that sky! But, if you think such an outfit affords her too much protection against the UV’s…..how ’bout this shot of that beautiful lady with a bit less fabric and a whole lot of arch in her back:

5azy7 d5 crawl

Thanks, Julie! Soooo fun!

So, while doing my photography out there, away from the camps on the cracked perimeter, I do a poor job of documenting the amazing artwork that abounds on the playa. But, luckily, my friend Ryan joined me one afternoon next to some interesting art that has frequented the playa the past few years. This artist builds oversized words out of metal….and you can even climb on them. So…..rather than dreaming of what you “want to be”, Ryan demonstrated that you should get your ass in gear and just…..

5bzBe Ryan

Yes, people…it is time to BE the person you want to be. And, the playa helps you bring that person to the surface. No more covering the real YOU up to satisfy society and others. Instead, as Ryan would tell you, shed those inhibitions and hindrances and start to….

5bzryan lives2

Yep. FACT!

Well, that leaves me with just a few, final pictures for this first Playa 2015 entry! And, remember that striking woman in the reflective, silver top who posed behind the Woman in one of my initial pictures for this post? Well, Venus also listened to Ryan’s suggestion and paired down her outfit after posing with that statue. And, this stunning woman, with a bit of yellow fabric wrapped around her gorgeous frame, is quite delightful….wouldn”t you agree:


Heart beat is up…….

Another lady who you saw earlier in this entry, Brix, volunteered to help me with a photographic project I was attempting this year. My idea was to promote safe sex at this event by encouraging everyone to wear some protection.

5esm Glove Up on the Playa CARD

I know she’s using the wrong type of “glove” for such a suggestion…but, I hope it gets the point across to those who might otherwise forget a condom. And, I even passed out free condoms to people in conjunction with the project.

So, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t think about safety when it comes to sex, ……Brix offers you another message below:

5fztake that world

Got your attention now? I hope so….as safety is important!

Well…..I’ll have more of my playa experience from 2015 to share soon….as my visit included many more beautiful and amazing friends who gladly jumped in front of my camera. But, until that next post of mine……how ’bout an image of the Burn’s guest of honor each and every year:

6azman sunset






Lonely Road #160: Photoshoots are a gamble

I’d told today’s Lonely Road model that I would take her somewhere picturesque and glamorous for her photoshoot. And, when I pulled into this abandoned lot outside of Buckeye, AZ, I don’t think she was prepared for such beauty and splendor:


Her expression screams…”WTF”….

You know, perhaps I’m blind to the reality of my little project, but, wouldn’t you want to pose semi-naked next to Buckeye’s equivalent of the Eifel tower if you had the chance?


Think of all the possibilities here, right? First of all, since it’s quite tall….you can use a low angle shot to dramatize the height of the model and truly emphasize her fabulous long legs. Case in point:


Hmmm….she still doesn’t seem totally at ease with my idea, though. So, what do you think I could suggest next to get her a bit more relaxed?

Sure…..an ass-flash photo! Every aspiring model’s dream come true. Hey, I’m good at these and it’s about time I showed her how cute I could make her butt look next to that cement corn crib. I’d already shot 3 photos on this journey and we’d not even seen her bare butt yet! WTF……wake up, MG!

leneblog4 show your butt

And, even though her expression still seemed awkward…..once I showed her this shot on my digital camera….she became CONVINCED she was with the right photographer and in her own little Parisian glamour world! She’d accepted the surroundings, began to exud some attitude, and thus was ready to pull off this next pose:


Oooh, la, la. That’s poise & confidence. Maybe the lovely, wooden pallet I let her stand on even helped her feel more sophisticated? Well, no matter what helped turn her attitude around and get her believing in both me and my ideas….I now had myself another convert who would appreciate my vision and ridiculous ideas:


Yep, it just don’t get no better than rural Phoenix near Buckeye, AZ!

Hey, folks, when you sign up for a Lonely Road photoshoot you sometimes just need to roll the dice and take a bit of a gamble…


And, you never know…..believing in your Lonely Road photographer might just land you a damn royal flush!


Trust is the KEY for success between model and photographer….and, when you develop that relationship, things just start to fall in line….


You relax, feel at ease, and then respond to odd situations with dynamic energy:


Heck, as a model, you sometimes find a whole new side of yourself being revealed on the Lonely Road:

znew friends2

So, If you’re a sexy woman and have been looking for that special photographic opportunity…


Listen close:


THE LONELY ROAD WANTS YOU…………………….and your cute booty


And, as I think my lovely model found out……it’s a pretty damned good time when you go around in nature exploring wacky places and taking some of your clothes off. In fact, I asked her….. as we were wrapping up the end of our shoot…..if she could have imagined a better experience than what had just transpired in Buckeye, AZ:

Dust; heat; sketchy abandoned buildings; flashing her ass to folks driving by….and a ton of other pictures which might offend future employers and church groups…

Her response?


Hmmm…..am I missing the boat on what TRUE GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY is??

See ya soon…


Lonely Road #159, Allergy Season

OK….when you shoot for the umpteenth time with one of your favorite models, you’re bound to finally run into some challenges. And, that’s what happened on Mother’s Day, 2012. But, the challenges this model & I ran into weren’t some bible-thumping, anti-public nudity parade of moms chasing us down some Lonely Road. No, instead it was Chastity Michelle’s runny nose that chased us everywhere! Man, the poor gal was totally struggling with allergies this day…. and you’re soon to see how that specific type of challenge can impact photographs.

So……..here’s the setting for Chastity and my shoot today, complete with the roving dressing room you’re quite familiar with:

blog4M0 allergy season

And…this isn’t very far from my own backyard! We chose to shoot next to the 100-Year flood dam that bumps up to the Westwing housing development in NW Peoria, AZ……just minutes from my house.

Here’s a perspective from the opposite direction:



Notice the little, white sign on that gate in the distance? Hmm….wonder what it says?

blog4M1a...notice the shadow

Surprised? Well, our world is totally based on restrictions and that sucks. So, our allergic goddess, Chastity Michelle……decided not to flirt with the repercussions of trespassing today. Instead, she was happy to just stand next to this sign demonstrating her disdain for control of nature:


Don’t you hate seeing something cool in nature and then not being able to really check it out? I mean…who owns this land and why can’t our red-scarved friend just amber back that way and investigate it? Hell…I don’t know. So, read Chastity’s body language…..whoever posted that sign……. and give her a big, wet smooch right here:

blog4M3 lets get back .........to.....talkin bout allergies...not allergic to this


My friend from Lonely Road entry #137 isn’t holding back! Well….enough of that sign and the earthen flood protector….as she and I are here today to talk about allergies. So, let’s get back on track……

blog4M4 forget about that damn sign.....here she comes

Having this beautiful lady stride toward you, nearly naked, on a lonely road…..sure isn’t a bad thing. And, if you’re still unsure just how sexy she can be in a properly placed red scarf…..

blog4M5 she really is a vixen

Sure enough. Well, we all know what happens every Spring when the rains have fallen, snow has melted, the trees are sprouting buds and the pollen is building up in the air. Yeah….we’ve all experienced those red eyes and that runny nose. So, picture yourself amidst such conditions and asked to exert some extra energy to do things like this:

blog4M7 when models jump like this

Make your nose start to run? What if you were asked to hold back those sniffles and try this:

blog4M8 or like this

Could such activity make allergic matters worse? Well……

blog4M9 snot breaks

It’s a bit hard to see in the above shot, but, I think Chastity might be taking a bit of a Kleenex break to remedy that dripping nose of hers….

blog4M10 snot makes things tough

Yep….snot rag! Even though she actually seems sort of happy, standing there blowing her nose, I think it might have been a cover for her frustrating situation! Butt….


….to be a Lonely Road model……um…..that’s what you do! You fight through the challenges, you face the odds, and you deal with your drippy nose! NO EXCUSES. Thus, Chastity continued to exude grace and elegance, elegantly adapting to pose after pose….despite her flowing nasal passages:

blog4M11 sexy shots in between blows.....but....wait....what's in her pocket


But, let’s pause for a second. Do you notice something in that pocket on her scarf? Is our elegant model mucking up this glamour shot with some piece of white trash? See it poking it’s head out of that pocket….. What the hell is it?


Hah….our semi-naked friend is pretty damn smart, huh? She sure knows what to pack when those allergies start acting up. And, in case you missed the “Plan B” options I referred to…..for a secondary place to stick those extra tissues……here’s another visual:

blog4M13 tissue holder B

Everyone has an extra tissue holder!

With that suggestion……we have about warn out our welcome on this damn road, everyone. But, before we depart, I think my super-cute friend is in search of something:

blog4M14 Don't you feel sorry for her.....maybe offer her a kleenex

Really, Chasity? Another? Haven’t you blown …..literally…..through enough of those today already?

blog4M15 oops.....1 more tissue I guess

I guess not.

Despite our allergic challenges on the Lonely Road this day, my lovely model friend and I did have funl. She learned that you can never have enough Kleenex with you on a photo shoot in nature and I learned where I can properly hide tissues on models. Red scarves come in really darned handy on the Lonely Road, people, and Chastity and I are going to pocket this knowledge for many years to come!

Who nose, your allergies might pop up next?

blog4M17 the end

See ya, snotty!