Lonely Road #66, SubMissAnn, Jan. 23, 2009

OMG, WTF, FYI…..this is an entry that I’ve been soooo psyched to post. This has to be one of my all-time favs, for a variety of reasons…..and, once you’ve checked it out I do hope you agree.

Everyone, please say “hi” to Ann…aka, SubMissAnn. She’s 54 years old, is the eldest of the models that shot with me for The Lonely Road, and was such a blast to spend a day with. Hmmm…Grandmother, fetish enthusiast and “sub” for the leather convention that had been in Phoenix that week, former porn star and world traveler. Right. So much for slowing down when you get older, huh? Jeez….this lady just rocks and I cannot wait to tell you all about our day.

But, first of all, she was in Phoenix visiting from LA and “partaking” in the leather convention at Crown Plaza off I-17. And, what I mean by “partaking” was that Ann was one of the folks at the convention used to demonstrate techniques and implements! 🙂 So, the first thing I had to do as we began our shoot was check for bruises or welts:

Submissan’s Shadow

OK…now you and I both know that “bruises” and “welts” are referred to as SHADOWS in the S&M community. Hmm…didn’t know that! But, OMG…how fabulously fun is this woman??? Jeez, age 54 years old, full of zest and personality. Beautiful. Such a young and curvacious figure!  Pretty cool….I think…as you sure can upset the apple cart when you like at this woman and her life compared to what most 54 year old gals are doing! And, Ann is actually a proud mom and grandmother but also decides to live her life the way she wants. Gotta give her credit as I most certainly attempt to buck the system a bit myself and in a lot of ways we all can learn a lot about life from someone like Ann.

Well…for our shoot we’d had some vague plans in place initially when we spoke on the phone though I figured we’d need flexibility since she was also going to have to squeeze me in between her convention obligations. Thus, I met her @ her hotel where the convention was happening and quickly found out a ton about both Ann and her fetish world. As I walked in, they wanted to register me to be part of the leather and fetish convention and when they found out I was going to be photographing one of their damsels they actually wanted to hire me to work the event for them the following year! Ah, business opportunities!! 🙂 Anyway, I called Ann and she told me to come up to her room to meet her. And, as I knocked on her door and entered, the shy gal opened the door fully nude and welcomed me in! Hah…how hilarious is that?! She was actually getting dressed and knew I’d not mind finding her in a semi-clothed state….so, in I went.  And, holy hell, as soon as I got thru the door I was instantly exposed to all that Ann brought for the event @ the hotel: restraints, floggers, corsets..you name it! Hah…it actually was quite amazing to see and Ann guided me through what everything was and how the convention and their “classes” are run. Anyway, I didn’t get to witness any of Ann’s talents in that realm but can only imagine how wild that scene must have been!

Well..once we finally left the hotel I took her out on the NW side of Phoenix/Peoria to access some Lonely Roads for the shoot. Just listening to her tell me stories of the convention and her life were amazing in themselves…as this gal really has lived to the hilt and still does. Apparently, folks come from all over the world to not only buy expensive leather products but to also demo them and see how to properly use certain things. And..that’s where Ann’s role was to come into play that night. She was going to be restrained and have someone demonstate a whip or flogger on her…..and I’m sure all the attendees had to love that. I just hope they didn’t put too many lasting “shadows” on her. 🙂

Well, once we got to where we were going to shoot, the true beauty in Ann came out as she really is a wonderful model and so good at fitting into any scenario.

Our concepts for the day involved this unique, green, vinyl dress and top she had for the convention….. and I think you’ll enjoy how it hugs her figure. Jeez…when she pulled it below her butt, that amazing bubble of hers just exploded over the edge! And, OMG once again, as an ass enthusiast I think I have seen some killer rumps in my time. But, holy shit! This 54 year old was just bootilicious! Hah….go Grandma Ann! 🙂 We next had her wear this sheer, black, mesh dress that hugged her curves and looked great against her skin….and I hope you approve of those shots as well. She was a complete natural at knowing what poses to do, how to throw her hair, and really was spot-in for each and every photo we tried.

Now, I’d been toying around with some ideas concerning picture frames. And, rather than placing the frame around photos or paintings, my idea was to put it around body parts instead. So, the next series she and I shot involved the frame…..and they turned out pretty cool. But, the highlight of this portion of our shoot was when this truck came by while Ann was ONLY wearing the frame & shoes. LOL, Ann just didn’t give a damn!!!!! Yeah, she just laughed and smiled and didn’t react at all. And, wow, the expression on the guy’s face who was introduced to Ann’s amazing butt was just hilarious! Wooo hooooo…..the Lonely Road!

After that, Ann and I tried a few shots with umbrellas and an interesting red mesh fabric we had her wrap herself in. We really own got to shoot for about 2 hours as she needed to run back to the convention for her next spanking experience…. 🙂 ……but that was more than enough time for me to capture some fabulous pics of this gal and also learn about one of the most unique people I’ve crossed paths with! Hell, I think I could just write a book about Ann and probably make way more $$ than I could ever hope to make via my Lonely Roads stuff. Hell….50 Shades of Grey? That best-selling book?! Well, just schedule a meeting with SubMissAnn and let her tell you about the the life she leads everyday!



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