Calendar Now Available

2014-2015 Reminders Calendar:

  • Available in a hanging, wall-mount 11×12 version:  PRICE (including shipping) = $15


  • a desktop, 4×10 version: PRICE (including shipping) = $10

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Each of the calendars/images contain “reminders” to hopefully make you smile BIG! My attempts at motivational messages…..I think you will enjoy. And, the first of the images below shows such messages. I’ve otherwise NOT given you all the messages, but am showing you the 12 individual images, as I don’t want to give my FABULOUS, WICKED, AMAZING sense of humor away!!! 🙂

small acknowledge others 5x7  small don't be a shadow of yourself 5x7small Believe in Yourself 5x7small be different 5x7

These calendars are available on a “first come, first served” basis. Please send your check to:

Mike Guernsey (MG Imagery), 6059 W. Irma Lane, Glendale, AZ  85308 and include your return address with the proper $$ and # of calendars requested

They currently run March 2014-February, 2015, as I was toooo slow to get them done in time for the start of the year! Order now, the perfect gift for all Human Resource Dept. managers, Christian Ministers and conservatives.

small don't forget to stretch 5x7small follow your path 5x7small pause to reflect 5x7small seek balance 5x7small Wear cool shoessmall work on your relationshipsmall worship something 5x7

small Lend a helping hand 5x7