The Lonely Road

The Lonely Road | Preview or Purchase

The project comprises over 150 models, contrasted to nature using motion, color and peeks of skin. They were photographed on roads and trails throughout the Western United States over a 5 year span from 2006-2011. The “models” are actually sometimes real models…though you’ll also find sales people, students, girlfriends, mothers, baristas, retail clerks, photographers, actresses, border control agents, activists, dancers, athletes and so much more in this project.¬†Actual “girls next door” who will captivate you and make you yearn to get into nature, explore and find what you might be missing!

The Lonely Road is also available for download!

Do you recognize any of these gals? Have you been to any of these places?

A winding path, a beautiful field, a wide open highway with an approaching motorcycle, a unique and vivid rock, a dusty trail on a dry lake bed….they all can be stunning by themselves yet perhaps even more electrifying with just the right visual addition!

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